TV Club: The Middle: “A Quarry Story” / The Goldbergs, “The Darryl Dawkins Dance”

The Middle: “A Quarry Story”

When you’re given a Middle episode with a title like “A Quarry Story,” it’s reasonable to presume that it’s going to be a pretty Mike-centric episode, so if you were one of those viewers who entered into the proceedings with that presumption…well, it’s not impossible that you could’ve walked away a little disappointed. Not that Mike wasn’t key to the overall goings-on in the episode, but the quarry story in question was really more Sue’s.

We’ve seen the father-daughter stories done before on The Middle, and if they’re spaced out enough, they’re generally a pleasure to watch. Yes, we know Mike and Sue are very different people – it’s kind of hard to get that – but drawing particular attention to it once awhile, even if it’s more or less just to stick with …

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