TV Club: The mid-season finale of Kingdom is all about ultimatums and opportunities

“King Beast” was the tenth episode of Kingdom season one, and served as a nice capper for the show’s freshman outing—it yielded a satisfying conclusion to the stories that had unfolded, as well as put the second season’s events in motion. Ryan and Jay were both victorious in the same weight class, though only one of them was now a champion. Nate was on the mend, as was Christina. The only real loss was Lisa and Alvey’s relationship, but they must have both known it wouldn’t last. Some questions were answered, some doors were shut, but the progress that was made felt wholly earned—everyone had scratched their way to the top, or at the very least, up from rock bottom. So it makes sense that the show returned to the King Beast circuit for the setting of its mid-season finale, because the previous outcome …

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