TV Club: The Man In The High Castle is in no particular hurry

By the end of “Truth,” we’re more than two-thirds of the way through this first season of The Man In The High Castle, and there’s never been less of a sense of urgency. That big cliffhanger at the end of the last episode, with John Smith catching Joe thumbing through his decoy “Grasshopper” file, results in no major game-changer when we pick up the action where it left off. Joe isn’t executed or tortured or even given a particularly harsh lecture by Smith, who hours earlier had sent one of his oldest friends to his certain doom. Instead, Smith chides Joe for letting his feelings for a woman interfere with his mission and makes him promise to never, ever do it again, then sends him back out after Juliana unsupervised. You could argue that Smith has paternal feelings for Joe that are clouding his judgment, and that …

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