TV Club: The Man In The High Castle gets moving again

Titling this episode “Revelations” may be overstating matters a bit, but after stalling out over the past couple of episodes, The Man In The High Castle regains some narrative momentum here. For a moment, there is even the tantalizing possibility that the title character will make his first appearance, but it comes as no big surprise when that turns out to be a tease. A few matters are clarified, however, and the episode builds to a cross-cutting suspense sequence that feels like a step in the right direction for this show.

We begin exactly where we left off, with the Marshal pursuing Juliana into an abandoned building. Joe temporarily puts the Marshal out of commission by clobbering him with a stick, and the albino shoeshine aids Joe and Juliana by misdirecting the Marshal when he recovers and giving them directions to Lemuel Washington’s house. Lem does not welcome them …

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