TV Club: The Man In The High Castle gets a little crazy

The primary narrative mode for much of this season has been restraint, often to the point of boredom. It’s as if Frank Spotnitz and the rest of the creative team decided the premise was so out there, the only way to ground it in reality was to proceed with caution. The show is science fiction by virtue of its alternate history timeline, but aside from the film glimpsed in the first episode (which could still be explained by other means), it has shied away from genre trappings. Obviously this is a valid creative decision, but when the results are as flat and monotonous as much of The Man In The High Castle has been, it might be time to shake things up.

“Kindness” isn’t immune to repeating already too-familiar beats, like Kido paying another seething office visit to Tagomi or Frank whining at Juliana for letting him down …

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