TV Club: The Magicians substitutes one all-powerful villain for another

In between all the monsters, mayhem, and world-conquering, it’s easy to forget that The Magicians is, at heart, a story about growing up. If Season 1 featured an awful lot of Quentin Coldwater getting in his own way, Season 2 has offered glimmers here and there that he’s finally making forward progress on that most difficult of challenges, responsible adulthood. And while much of “Ramifications” focuses on the various nemeses blocking the path of Quentin and his friends, it also shows the clearest signs yet that Quentin might be figuring out what kind of man he wants to be.

It makes a certain amount of sense that this growth comes in the episode where he resurrects Alice, given that much of his efforts to mature are connected to trying to be worthy of her. Thankfully, the episode does not waste time building up to saving her. This could …

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