TV Club: The Magicians panics over wedding prep and the small issue of a lost soul

Most of us have tormented ourselves with the notion of what might have been from time to time, but for Quentin in Season 2, this particular temptation has been a near constant. Every time he tries to get over losing Alice, there’s another opportunity to relive what she meant to him, whether through his twisted relationship with Emily, the false hope that her niffin form offered, or in her latest incarnation, a broken, defeated version in an alternate universe where he died instead.

The particulars of whether or not that universe continues to exist in any real way are a little baffling—time travel and alternate universe travel tend to be the sorts of plotlines that don’t totally hold together once you think about them too carefully. Also, speaking of plot oddities, why in the world did the Dean not tell Julia about Alice’s shade research himself …

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