TV Club: The Magicians is really bad at quidditch

This episode shall henceforth be known as “The One Where Quentin Kills a Puppy.” And if you like the idea of a symbolic puppy, Julia loses one as well, by the end of the episode, when it turns out her fellow hedge witches wiped her from James’ memory before she could tell him the truth. Tonight’s episode is all about the costs of magic, and how important it is to have people who have been through it before to guide you. Quentin has the dean and friends (Margo, totally unexpectedly) to bring him back from the edge. Julia does not.

Watching Quentin reconnect with his dad is also one of the first times we’ve seen him go through a little personal growth. Instead of assuming he knows better than anyone else, he actually accepts that he can’t save his dad and decides to give his father what …

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