TV Club: The Magicians goes all in on the horror allegory

Tonight’s episode of The Magicians was a prime example of how to juggle multiple storylines without losing momentum on any of them. While in the past, it’s occasionally seemed like certain subplots stall out while a main story chugs toward a conclusion, here, everything was balanced, as everyone struggled to move forward in their lives but got thwarted at every turn. Eliot and Margo just want to rule Fillory, but it turns out the Fillorians don’t want to be ruled by them. Quentin just wants to move on with his life, but even the one person who seems likely to help him can’t do it. Penny wants to fix his hands, but instead has to learn all about how magic is dying. And poor Julia’s plans to banish Reynard are hobbled when she learns she’s pregnant.

Of all of these, Penny’s story seems …

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