TV Club: The Magicians finally finds its pacing

Finally, an episode of The Magicians that doesn’t rush through ten different plots at once! We get the Brakebills kids going through some tests, and Julia trying to break into Marina’s magical file cabinets. That’s it! And, following the course we’ve seen all season, everything works out for the Brakebills folks, and something new and horrible happens to Julia. And even Penny and Kady get some actual development! Gold stars, all around.

The premise, that the more senior students are testing out the more junior ones, was a bit iffy. If the show had spent any time developing any of the professors as characters, there wouldn’t have been a need for Eliot and Margo to randomly run the trials for everyone. What teacher would look at the two of them and think they’re responsible enough to be trusted with that job? Also, the notion …

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