TV Club: The Magicians defeats a villain of the week

Well, for anyone who thought the first two Magicians episodes tore through plot too quickly…that problem is not going away. The third episode, “Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting,” had three different complicated half-baked plots to get through, which inevitably ended up with none of them getting fully served, though it’s safe to say the Penny subplot was the most neglected. His conflict with Quentin seems inorganic, and at this point, he’s almost on a different show.

The Alice/Quentin moments probably worked best, possibly because Alice is the only person on this show whose problems can’t be boiled down to “I’m upset because I didn’t get a thing that I want.” That’s perhaps a little unfair to Julia, who makes a pretty compelling case to Quentin about how hard it would be to have magic offered and then taken away from you. But the …

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