TV Club: The Magicians cuts some corners (and some trees) in a busy episode

It’s just a fact of the Magicians universe that happiness is generally a goal rather than a state of being, and also that as one person’s fortunes rise, another’s are surely about to plummet. So while Quentin’s life is busy falling apart (it turns out that hosting a niffin in your body is a really bad idea, from a not-dying standpoint), Kady and Penny inch closer to becoming an actual functioning couple and Eliot makes a miraculous recovery from golem death.

This mixing and matching of tones leads to a somewhat disjointed-feeling episode, but for once, that sensation makes a certain amount of sense. That’s how life works, right? Some people are happy, some people are sad. Some people are going to take impromptu trips to Ireland, and some people are going to lose all touch with their humanity.

That last bit could apply to …

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