TV Club: The less glamorous men of GLOW take things outside the ring

After two episodes of set up, GLOW immediately decides to shake things up in “The Wrath Of Kuntar” by throwing the ladies into another new world. The G.L.O.W. Girls and Sam all seem to have a basic understanding of what’s expected of them by the end of “Slouch. Submit.”… but none of that matters now with the introduction of Sebastian “Bash” Howard (Chris Lowell), a 25-year-old rich boy who signs all their checks. Bash’s arrival also introduces the characters and audience to a world of glitz and glamour, a world that has only so far been seen, vaguely, in Sam’s vision of Debbie and Ruth wrestling.

These characters and the audience have grown accustomed to the dingy, grimy world of Chavo’s Gym; there’s nothing polished about it, and it’s an integral part of the G.L.O.W. origin story. It …

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