TV Club: The League: “The Draft of Innocence”

This episode is… a mess. Or, at the very least, “messy.” Bizarrely disconnected scenes, jarring cameos, and almost every interaction is uncomfortably confrontational. There’s a “rule” in some schools of comedy that you never want to start a scene with a conflict—or make it all about a fight—and, for the most part, it’s a good, basic guideline to follow: It’s always more interesting to see people on the same side than arguing for minutes at a time. Of course, like every good rule, it’s meant to be broken—carefully. This episode feels like a master course in the “right” and “wrong” ways to fight.

Let’s start with the bad: First, Pete’s discomfort with Andre and Meegan (heretofore referred to by the author as simply “Mandre”) is addressed, with scheduled time slots for friend visitation, and the customary taking of the sides. Honestly …

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