TV Club: The League: “That Other Draft”

It would not be an episode of The League if it didn’t kick off (pun strongly intended) with a cameo by a pro-footballer that even the most dedicated viewer may not understand. Maybe because it was the season premiere, so they went with a more recognizable bit—or maybe because I spent Super Bowl Sunday last year with the side of my family that surprisingly loves and respects organized sport—but I actually understand the debate Marshawn Lynch and Taco have about running in v. throwing a beer bottle to Kevin (Taco throws it; Kevin falls into a BBQ pit, natch). And thus, we begin the seventh, and final, season of The League.

It has been long argued that The League is Seinfeld for bros: In no other show have events and set-ups been paid off as diligently or neatly than in these two. But this calculated approach to …

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