TV Club: The latest episode of The 100 can’t escape past mistakes

Something is amiss in Arkadia. I’m not talking about all the stuff that’s normally amiss, but the feeling that the whole compound is a rudderless ship without a captain. In the aftermath of the destruction of the City of Light, the people of Arkadia have been living rather listlessly. Yes, they’re working to get their ship fixed up as a living space, and they’re living under relative freedom now that A.L.I.E. is long gone. But what’s missing is someone really stepping in and taking charge, making sure that Arkadia will be a place to thrive. As Jasper has said: he doesn’t want to survive, he wants to live. For that, Arkadia needs a leader, and “The Four Horsemen” is largely concerned with examining what leadership means and how various characters are contributing to both the triumphs and failings of the Sky …

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