TV Club: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Series premiere

In all the pre-show press, process-examining podcasts, and local-access current affairs shows Stephen Colbert did in the lead-up to his Late Show debut, this was the refrain: The host couldn’t wait to get back in front of an audience. In The Late Show Podcast‘s “Abba-Dabba-Doo” episode, Colbert finds a fitting analogy for his relationship to the people watching at home and in the studio:

I feel like sometimes as we’re prepping to do this new show, we’re people who have played a particular instrument. Our instrument is comedy—and, really, an audience, because laughter is the sound the instrument makes. […] But until you’re with an audience, you’re not playing your instrument, and so I don’t know necessarily how to make the great leap to a new show until I’m sitting there with the people that matter the most to me, and that …

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