TV Club: The Last Man On Earth: “She Drives Me Crazy”/“Mooovin’ In”

Television rarely acknowledges the daily struggle to be good person. Oh sure, there are plenty of prestige dramas about the trials and tribulations of being a bad person, and the occasional drama about how doing good deeds doesn’t pay, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the actual hard work it takes for someone not to be a dick. The uncomfortable truth of the matter is that it’s really easy to assume your worst self because it’s functionally a default. It’s really easy to be selfish. It’s really easy to be bitter and angry towards others. It’s really easy to be frustrated by the present and cynical about the future. These are things that no one has to work at; for most people, it just comes naturally. But the harder choice to make is to be someone of substance, someone …

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