TV Club: The Last Man On Earth: “Screw The Moon”

Everything about “Screw The Moon” feels inevitable. This sounds like a knock against it, since the show originally made its mark by being so unlike any other sitcom on television. But as Phil got more and more caught up in his own depravity, defiance, and insatiable sex drive, the only question was how long he could go on before it would all catch up to him. The longer he got to go through the same manic motions of trying to sleep with people and creating increasingly convoluted mazes of lies, the more insufferable he got, and so on, and so on, and on, and on, and on. Him getting trapped in this web of his own making is absolutely the way this season needed to end.

The two most predictable but satisfying pieces of “Screw The Moon” are that Tandy realizes he cares about Carol too much to let her …

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