TV Club: The Last Man On Earth: “Raisinballs And Wedding Bells”

This is nothing more sitcom friendly than a wedding. If a series doesn’t kick off with someone getting fired or cheated on, chances are someone’s getting married. Weddings are high-pressure situations with relatively low stakes, often involving wacky relatives, embarrassing friends, romantic entanglements, and inevitably, heartwarming realizations. Weddings can open a whole new chapter, or they can unravel just about everything. It makes total sense that weddings are comedy catnip. In a continuing pattern, though, Last Man On Earth takes this convention, runs with it, and twists it into something entirely different that manages to be both heartbreaking and hilarious.

There are aspects of Phil and Carol’s wedding that feel familiar. The bride talks about how this is supposed to be the best day of her life and immediately locks into overbearing planning mode. The groom rolls his eyes, gets drunk with his friends, and forgets the …

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