TV Club: The Last Man On Earth: “Dunk The Skunk” / “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy”

For the second time in The Last Man On Earth‘s short run, Fox aired two episodes back-to-back—and for the second time in The Last Man On Earth’s short run, airing two episodes back-to-back flatters the show. The first time was when the unusual one-man show pilot aired with the second episode immediately afterwards in order to signal where a show called The Last Man On Earth could possibly go. This time, “Dunk The Skunk” and “Some Friggin’ Fat Guy” work together towards some actual progress in the one specific area, namely Phil trying to seduce Melissa while remaining married to Carol. It’s only been a couple days in the grand scheme of things, but Phil’s fumbling yet somehow still aggressive attempts to flirt with Melissa were getting old, and fast.

While both episodes stand on their own, Phil getting so close to what he wants …

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