TV Club: The Last Man On Earth doesn’t act like a normal ensemble comedy

The first few episodes of The Last Man On Earth were, as many have pointed out, like nothing else on television because of how spare, imaginative, and unpredictable they were. 20 episodes or so in, some of those qualities remain, but as the show’s second season has proceeded, it increasingly feels like nothing else on television in a different way: its use of the ensemble that formed after an intentionally slow roll-out (adding a character or two per week back in Season 1) and has sometimes disappeared from the picture (as in Season 2’s terrific opener). For most sitcoms, establishing a go-to cast of seven or so and then subdividing them into different combinations would be one step in the show gelling into a particular rhythm or sensibility. Last Man On Earth certainly has those last two things – plenty of moments in “Baby Steps” felt unique to this …

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