TV Club: The Last Man On Earth: “Alive In Tucson”/“The Elephant In The Room”

There is nothing else on television like The Last Man On Earth.

This isn’t an exaggeration. There is just not another show that even comes close to what The Last Man On Earth is trying to do, especially in its pilot. Quite frankly, Alive In Tucson” should in no way work as well as it does. A title card tells us in the beginning that this world exists after “the virus,” but we otherwise don’t get any information about what said virus was or why aggressively ordinary temp Phil Miller (Will Forte) survived it. Even further, The Last Man On Earth is in no rush to answer the question it raises. For eighteen astonishing minutes, we follow one person’s struggle to maintain his humanity in a human-free world. That’s it. There is one brief flashback to Phil’s life in “the old world,” and the arrival …

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