TV Club: The Jim Gaffigan Show: “The Bible Story”

Jim Gaffigan isn’t anyone’s idea of a controversial comedian. His routines revolve around food, family, and food again, and he’s earned a reputation for preparing clean, profanity-free material. He’s the funny dad in the car pool, the co-worker who drops disarming ’round the conference table, the everyman whose broad appeal and relatable subject matter are wrapped around keen observations, seemingly spontaneous tangents, and that goofy falsetto he does to vocalize audience reaction. Billions of people have eaten at McDonald’s; Jim Gaffigan spun the experience into nine minutes about regretful decisions, truth in advertising, and the Gregorian calendar’s inextricable ties to the Shamrock Shake. The routine contains no truth bombs—but it doesn’t bomb, either.

And that’s been the line on the first season of TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show, a sleeper sitcom from a network that’s just starting to …

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