TV Club: The Jim Gaffigan Show returns for more of the same (and that’s a good thing)

“The Trial,” the second episode of The Jim Gaffigan Show‘s second season, should be, for all intents and purposes, unwatchable. On paper, it sounds horrific: A white man tries to explain why he shouldn’t be scrutinized for making a mildly offensive joke that the public latches onto and freaks out about. But “The Trial” is not insufferable. It’s cute and funny, and a little bit cheesy. But that’s where Jim Gaffigan’s strength lies as a sitcom lead. He has the ability to take these subjects — the concept of the sitcom dad, faith — and reframes them in a way that doesn’t feel rehashed or even expected. Other sitcoms have dealt with an overly “PC” — to use a loaded term — culture, but few end with the white male protagonist saying, yeah, he did something dumb, but he’s learning and isn’t that great? The first …

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