TV Club: The invasion gains ground as BrainDead coverage is consumed

Man, these space ants are a disorganized bunch. As BrainDead‘s main threat (just a shade ahead of the hopelessly entrenched and shallowly partisan political system), the aliens continue to be maddeningly inconsistent it their methods. While it’s fine not to know exactly what the li’l critters’ long-term plans are, and while some of the individual setpieces showing how their brain-invasions are alternately effectively gruesome or wrenching, BrainDead continues to deploy its space ant army with little narrative coherence.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (CBS)

Last week, the ants made a concerted but ill-advised assault on Laurel, who simply stomped them and went on with her day. Tonight, they make a play for Gustav’s ears, only to be foiled by his ludicrously ingenious plastic-cups-and-packing-tape sleep headgear. (Although they do appear to have colonized Gustav’s poor cat). As I asked last week, do the ants just give up after …

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