TV Club: The horror of exposition is more important than actual horror, on Scream Queens

Back in July, Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that only four characters would make it out of Scream Queens season one alive, with a “huge amount” of the characters being killed off on a week-to-week basis. But even before this season finale, it was apparent that the Scream Queens that was promoted and the Scream Queens that exists were two completely different shows. I’ve said on a near weekly basis that Scream Queens‘ inability to kill its darlings could be its greatest downfall. At this point, a savvy audience knows what they’re signing up for when it comes to the writing aspects of a Ryan Murphy production—with minor adjustment for the particular genre and tone, of course—but the core concept of Scream Queens lent itself to playing with the unexpected. With Murphy’s stable of actors and the show being another anthology series, the idea …

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