TV Club: The highlight of Megan Fox’s New Girl arc saves itself from a deadly premise

Here is the promo that Fox has been running for “The Decision,” the eighth episode of New Girl‘s fifth season and the third of Megan Fox’s run on the show:

Presumably, you’re reading this review after watching “The Decision,” which means you know that “Reagan promises she’ll sleep with either Nick or Winston” isn’t the entirety of “The Decision.” You know that the title of the episode also refers to Schmidt and Cece’s search for a wedding venue; you know how quickly Reagan walks back the “sex bet,” acknowledging that the whole thing feels like the spine of a 1980s raunch comedy. But I can certainly sympathize with someone who saw the above promo, thought “None for me, thanks” and spent their Tuesday night with the Huangs, at S.T.A.R. Labs, or clearing the alien DNA off of their DVRs.

But that …

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