TV Club: The hiatus is not Quantico’s friend

The disaster in Quantico is the devastating Grand Central bombing, and the looming threat is the potential second bomb ticking away as the FBI spins its wheels investigating Alex. The disaster for Quantico is the two-week hiatus between “Over” and “Guilty,” and the looming threat is the much longer hiatus coming after Quantico premieres its first winter finale. And that’s too bad, because while “Guilty” is characteristically overstuffed and all kinds of outlandish, it also has an energy and a momentum that the season’s sloppier, table-setting episodes have lacked. Now that most of Alex’s Quantico cohort has either come around to her innocence or have at least moved out of the “She’s definitely guilty” column, the story has a sense of movement that Quantico lacked when it was still busy setting up the elements of its elaborate narrative mouse trap. The show is still goofy as …

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