TV Club: The guys lose themselves on the net in a funny Workaholics

It’s a good sign when an episode of Workaholics starts with the guys screwing around on the roof. The tableaux Adam, Blake, and Ders form up there are a picture of their ideal existence—doing something mildly illegal, smoking or drinking something illicit, and shooting the shit with their best friends. Here, preparing for yet another day of telemarketing at TelAmeriCorp (the essence of meaningless work), Ders reads the paper (bemoaning the encroachment of “news boobies” in the ads), Adam messes irresponsibly with a slingshot, and Blake blends up the “strawberry latte bowl,” a mixture of their three favorite non-alcoholic morning beverages, strawberry Quik, decaf coffee, and Red Bull. (“Not good, at all,” grimaces Ders, “But I’m gonna choke this one down because it’s symbolic of our friendship.”) Even when Adam’s jackassery accidentally takes down a passing pigeon, the guys are still likable, with Adam suitably …

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