TV Club: “The Gun” rips Grace And Frankie apart

After the touching display of friendship in “The Burglary,” Grace and Frankie’s relationship is suddenly, violently fractured by Grace’s little firearm stunt that punctuated last episode. By the end of “The Gun,” Frankie declares she’s done with Grace entirely, and it looks like the two women are back where they began.

Only, it’s different now. The pilot of Grace And Frankie hinged on their hatred for one another. Grace has a meta moment in “The Gun” where she tells Sol that she and Frankie are just up to their odd couple shenanigans. That odd couple premise is still important to the show’s voice and narrative, but it has evolved into something much more complex. In the beginning, Grace and Frankie hated each other because of their fundamental differences. The root of their tension in “The Gun” is more personal, more emotionally significant. They’re fighting …

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