TV Club: The Grinder swears off drama, becomes more dramatic than ever

Well, looks like we’ve got a full-blown Grinder arc on our hands, everyone. Last week’s closing revelation that Dean and Stewart’s father was being sued for malpractice came so completely out of nowhere that I wondered whether the show would even bother continuing that story, tonight’s episode leaves no doubt. There’s an actual, honest-to-goodness mystery brewing here, albeit in that undercooked kind of way that sitcoms tend to do when they’re trying their hand at something so completely plot-driven. Whoever is going after Dean Sr. has way more legal acumen that Stewart would have expected, and there could be a very legitimate case against his father. Also, Dean and Maya Rudolph’s Jillian are, if not outright dating, then at least very publicly kissing, with all the ethical messiness that implies. What’s fascinating about all this is that The Grinder is taking all …

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