TV Club: The Grinder loses, but not really

I’ve read a couple of pieces recently about the greatness of The Grinder, decrying its low ratings and praising its form. And I agree with those pieces — I like The Grinder and it’s a shame more people don’t watch it, especially as it becomes more complex and in-jokes start to pile up because it means that fewer people will probably find their way into watching the series. One of things about these pieces, though, was just as much as they praised The Grinder, they spent more time praising the shows that came before it that heavily influenced The Grinder, like Arrested Development and Community, these self-aware comedies that created intricate rules and worlds that at least some of their characters adhered to. The pieces were written with a wistful tone, more hopeful that The Grinder could follow the legacy of these shows, but it’s premature to …

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