TV Club: The Grinder is trying something pretty ballsy

The most recent three episodes of The Grinder have played off of the joke that essentially blows up the premise of the series: Dean is trying to divorce himself from his character Mitchard Grinder, and in the process he is becoming more Stewart-esque, while Stewart is conversely becoming more Dean-like. It’s a pretty bold episodic arc for a new comedy to attempt. The show itself has dealt with its refusal to open itself up to new viewers who haven’t bothered to catch or those who refuse to keep up. But it’s still pretty ballsy for a show this young to craft a joke as elaborate and long-running as this one has in its infancy. It’s a show of early maturity for The Grinder that it can sustain this kind of storytelling so early in its lifespan. There’s the argument that this kind of writing closes …

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