TV Club: The Grinder is dead, long live The Grinder

The Grinder is no more. Because he’s dead. You don’t even want to know what happens after that alligator roll. Last week, I talked about how The Grinder had a turned this intangible corner, from a show with potential to one that was actively rising to the task to fulfill that potential. “Grinder Rests in Peace” continued the storyline of “Giving Thanks, Getting Justice” successfully. It’s certainly a beneficial sign of maturation that major plot arcs could exist over two episodes. But the best part of this episode is not that it continued the arcs of the previous episode, but that it continued this overarching sweetness that began with “Giving Thanks, Getting Justice” and continued through this episode.

“Giving Thanks, Getting Justice” was the origin story of Dean’s return to Boise, or why he bought into a life that was less glamorous than what he was …

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