TV Club: The Grinder is all about commitment

I knew I was going to like The Grinder when Stewart (Fred Savage) walks into his kitchen to find his brother, Dean (Rob Lowe) sitting in the dark. “Can’t sleep,” Dean says with dramatic gravitas as he swigs a beer. “It’s 8:30,” Stewart says back.

Dean is so self-serious because for the last nine years, 22 episodes a year, that was his modus operandi. Dean was the title character of legal drama The Grinder where he fought the tough cases, often to the tune of swelling music. But Dean’s time on the The Grinder has come to a close, and now he’s adrift on the extended metaphorical highway of life. Dean retreats to his hometown in Idaho, and to the hesitant arms of his brother, who is a font of legal knowledge but doesn’t have the necessary charisma to make it as a trial …

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