TV Club: The Grinder goes to therapy

“The Retooling of Dean Sanderson” was solid episode that I hoped would be funnier. The Grinder has been suffering under the weight of my expectations. But when something can be truly great, I don’t think it’s unfair to hold it to that standard, but it just makes even everyday good episodes of feel a little disappointing. But all in all, “The Retooling of Dean Sanderson” was a fine entry that was clearly meant to set up something larger next week.

The episode felt underwhelming, in part, because it had two excellent guest stars to play with — Maya Rudolph and Oscar winner Jim Rash. Each one at different points showed these moments of what exactly they could do or be capable of — Jillian’s refusal to say what happens in other sessions even though it’s quite clear to everyone what has happened, and Foosley buying into Dean’s …

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