TV Club: The Grimm finale is emotional, inventive, and a bit frustrating—so the series ends as it lived

Once upon a time, on a far-off network called NBC, there premiered a little show called Grimm. Debuting to lukewarm reviews, winding up in the number-two position of modernized fairy tale twists thanks to Once Upon A Time‘s breakout success, and scheduled with a combination of network and timeslot not known for longevity, it seemed one of the easiest cancellation bets for the 2011 season. However, something strange and wonderful happened to that show: it not only survived but it thrived. It built a devoted fan base, maintained its ratings for years at a level its network could be happy about, and turned into a reliable bedrock on a night that long lacked for inconsistency. And tonight it gets a happy ending, closing after six seasons and 123 episodes, and ending its tenure as NBC’s second-longest currently airing drama.

I’ve talked many times about Grimm‘s unlikely …

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