TV Club: The Good Wife: “Wanna Partner?”

It’s hard to say exactly where season six of The Good Wife went wrong, but wrong it went, and the narratives downfalls appeared particularly dire since they all came after season five, one of the best seasons of television ever. Season six has been all over the place with its themes, emotions, and stories—be they the more serialized arcs or the episodic cases—that it’s nearly impossible to parse out what the season means as a whole for any of its characters except, maybe, Alicia Florrick.

Because somewhere along the way, The Good Wife became a show almost exclusively about its lead and her journey, pushing the rest of the ensemble to the side, only to have them pop up when it was convenient. Cary Agos had his moment at the beginning, but for most of the season has been little more than a plot device. Diane …

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