TV Club: The Good Wife: “Undisclosed Recipients”

In the first act of tonight’s The Good Wife, a revolving door of men step into Alicia Florrick’s office, only to have the newly elected State’s Attorney tell them “no.” Alicia is determined to make good on her promise to not be her husband, letting Fidel Castro, Guy Redmayne, and Lemond Bishop know that she won’t be bought or bullied. Eli Gold quickly steps in to say this is all very bad political behavior, teaching Alicia the art of saying no by saying yes, and as all this happens, a new case regarding copyright law and trademark disparagement. The two stories unfold simultaneously, in the same office, with the camera fluidly moving between the two plots as if they were somehow two parts of a whole or parallel to one another.

But the threads that connect Alicia’s new world and her old world with the …

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