TV Club: The Good Wife: “The Deconstruction”

With all its drama and twists, tonight’s episode of The Good Wife really feels like a season finale. There are two mid-episode smashes to black, and strictly within the context of “The Deconstruction,” they’re earned. The first comes after Alicia has her press conference announcing that she has withdrawn herself from the State’s Attorney office. After, when they’re alone in the hallway, a distraught Alicia asks Peter what she’s supposed to do now. The scene cuts to black before we shift over to Diane and Cary. It happens again near the end of the episode when Kalinda leaves Alicia’s apartment and, presumably, the show.

“The Deconstruction” doesn’t spend much time with its episodic case—which deals with minimum sentencing—but rather spends much needed time with the season’s more serialized arcs, especially the damaged relationships between Diane, Cary, and Alicia. It’s …

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