TV Club: The Good Wife: “Red Meat”

The Good Wife is always clever, but occasionally it veers into “too clever for its own good” territory. That’s how I felt after this episode featuring the election night of Alicia’s State’s Attorney run. A shooter video game matched with Diane’s hunting excursion gave me much more than I needed in shooting/aiming/hunting metaphors. A misstep right at the very beginning: that clunky “Home On The Range” cover sprinkled with sounds of gunfire. Later the song is reprised at dinner. Y’know, I bet they have more than one song in Wyoming.

Let’s start with Diane’s journey: It was entertainingly novel to see her take the lead in an entire subplot, and more views of her marriage to Gary Cole’s ballistics investigator Kurt McVeigh are never a bad thing. At a hunting party for .001-percenters in Wyoming, Diane at first gets shoved …

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