TV Club: The Good Wife: “Loser Edit”

For most of this back-half of season six, it has been getting harder and harder to remember the extreme momentum The Good Wife once had. Season five blew things up, only to rebuild the story and keep it going. That dynamism is in the distant past. Ever since The Good Wife returned from its long midseason break, the plotlines have danced in place. Tonight’s episode isn’t only disjointed like so much of this season has been; it’s stationary.

The first half of the episode quite literally just shows people sitting or standing in place. Journalist Petra Moritz (Lily Rabe) sits with her video editor and articulates instructions for putting together a profile piece on Alicia. I’ll forgive the scene for making the video editing process look as simple as it does, but I won’t forgive it for being boring as hell. And there isn’t …

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