TV Club: The Good Wife: “Don’t Fail”

In its sixth season, The Good Wife has become a different show, mostly because of the main ensemble’s break up. It simply isn’t an ensemble-driven show anymore, with Cary, Diane, and Alicia existing in their own worlds that only come in contact with one another every so often and in largely weightless ways. Kalinda’s in a different universe entirely. “Don’t Fail,” however, lives in the past—specifically, in 2009, when the relationship dynamics between the major players were more compelling, cohesive, and frankly, more fun. And as a result, even though the episode does little to move the story forward to its season finale, it’s one of the more enjoyable episodes of recent weeks.

“Don’t Fail” doesn’t only flash back to the past; it feels like a past episode of The Good Wife, getting back to the early roots of letting the Case …

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