TV Club: The Good Wife begins the final countdown by mixing the old with the new

A few seasons ago, The Good Wife was a show that might have been accused of juggling too many plates. Between the intricate cases of the week, the deep rolodex of enjoyable guest stars, Alicia running for office, Alicia starting a new firm with Cary, the C-plot of the Florricks’ political marriage, and Kalinda always having a bat at the ready, the show’s full platter occasionally worked against it by burdening Alicia with more than forty-three minutes could properly cover. Since then, the show has worked hard to strip Alicia of… pretty much all these things.

As was confirmed earlier this week, this is indeed the last season of The Good Wife, which means that the most recent status quo of Alicia operating a small practice out of her apartment with sidekick Lucca and sex-oozing investigator Jason Crouse was always going to be a short-lived one. Alicia has spent …

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