TV Club: The good stuff hangs out in the garage on this week’s Moonbeam City

There’s nothing really wrong with casting Adam West as Razzle Novak, cocksure daredevil stuntman and father of Moonbeam City cop Dazzle Novak. But after decades of semi-ironic West appreciation, and plenty of adult-targeted animated shows happy to riff on semi-ironic icons for laughs, there is something about the guest role on “Stuntzstravaganza” that feels a little less than inspired. Nothing against West or the low, slightly cheesy and always engaging quality of his voice; he does well enough as Razzle. In fact, it’s probably not even West in general so much as his role not being conceived in an especially clever or distinctive way.

“Stuntzstravaganza” delves a little into Dazzle’s backstory, revealing him as a slightly plump teenager mooning over his father’s car stunt show, yearning to earn his old man’s respect by learning to drive skillfully and recklessly enough to pull off the “quintriple …

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