TV Club: The Good Place raises the stakes as it introduces the bad place

“There should be a medium place for people, like, who sort of sucked but in a fun, chill way,” complains Eleanor near the end of “Most Improved Player.” She’s got a point, although, as ever, Eleanor perhaps overstates her case. As we see in another flashback to the one long misdemeanor that was the life of Eleanor Shellstrop, Eleanor wasn’t the worst, but she wasn’t great. The thing is, as we see in this thrillingly eventful episode, there’s bad, and then there’s “taking off your shoes and socks on a commercial airliner” bad.

When Eleanor stepped up to confess that she’s the fly in the frozen yogurt that is the good place last week, it suggested all manner of outcomes. Honestly, I was convinced there’d be a mitigating “I’m Spartacus!” save from the too-good-for-the-world residents of good place neighborhood 12358W (as Michael …

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