TV Club: The Good Fight loses itself in a critique of the alt-right

Following up on Neil Gross’ introduction to The Good Fight last week, “Social Media And Its Discontents” brings the alt-right to the Good universe. In broad strokes, the episode does a pretty solid job of capturing just how horrifying and concerted the alt-right’s online harassment campaigns are. If you think The Good Fight exaggerates the violent language used by the alt-right, then you’ve probably never been on the receiving end of this particular brand of personal attacks waged on the world wide web. As a queer woman of color who writes for the internet, I can certain testify to the veracity of this pointed and perceptive portrayal. It’s all summed up pretty succinctly by the moment when Neil Gross asks Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad to organize flagged posts across his sites—which include a Facebook-like social media platform called Chummy Friends and a Reddit stand-in called Scabbit …

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