TV Club: The Good Fight gets into Maia’s head

The very simple narrative structure of “Self Condemned,” the penultimate episode of The Good Fight‘s first season, works to its advantage. As it flits between just two central storylines, the episode doesn’t become bogged down by its swollen cast. The show has made thrills of its own chaos in more densely packed episodes, but “Self Condemned” is a welcome respite from that chaos, thrilling with its quieter moments and its deep-dive into characters’ heads instead of just being concerned with the flourish of their words.

In one storyline, there’s a new police brutality case that brings Adrian and Diane full circle in their work relationship, as it concerns Andrew Thoreau, the dirty cop from the case in the pilot that first brought Adrian and Diane together. Of the two storylines in “Self Condemned,” this is the louder, more theatrical one, particularly because it sees the return of …

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