TV Club: The Goldbergs: “La Biblioteca Es Libros” / “Just Say No”

“La Biblioteca Es Libros”

There are a lot of firsts in your life that you tend to romanticize over the years, but your first job usually isn’t among them. My first gig was delivering The Ledger-Star, the now-defunct evening paper which served as a companion to The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia, and although it earned me a scholarship that paid for my first two years of college, it was far from glamorous. In fact, what I remember most about being a paperboy isn’t so much the job itself as it is that, on Sunday mornings, my father would drive me on my route, and then afterwards we’d go out and get breakfast at Hardees. In fact, just thinking about it has suddenly given me a craving for biscuits smothered in sausage gravy – sometimes with an egg on top – so I hope you’ll forgive me for a …

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